‘T-learning’ refers to transformative, transgressive learning in times of climate change.

Radical changes in society are needed for responding to climate change, and for transforming to sustainability. It is clear that people everywhere need to learn to transform to sustainability in ways that are socially just, peaceful and ecologically sustainable.

It is known that transformations to sustainability can occur if people learn to make changes at niche level. This drives wider social changes and regime shift transformations, especially if such forms of learning become more collective.

The t-learning transformative knowledge network actively works on reframing dominant narratives in education and learning spaces. It embraces a commitment to the commons and the common good, to decolonisation, the good life, ecological economics, real sustainability and will seek to bring environmental and social justice into being.

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Research School

The t-learning transformative knowledge network has launched a virtual, interconnected research school to support young researchers undertaking t-learning research in times of climate change.

The t-learning research school focusses on emancipatory and sustainability processes, and supports the role of research in bringing about social change (research as activism).

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T-learning stands for transformative, transgressive learning in times of climate change.

The T-learning Transformative Knowledge Network aims to facilitate deeper understanding of the role of learning in transformations to sustainability.

The T-learning TKN is a not-for-profit research and knowledge co-production network.

The T-learning TKN welcomes participation from graduate and postgraduate researchers, academics, civil society and public sector organisations involved in co-learning, and facilitating and developing t-learning knowledge that is oriented towards social justice and common good.

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The work reported on via this website is based on the research supported in part by the Transformations to Sustainability Programme, which is coordinated by the International Social Science Council (ISSC) and funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), and implemented in partnership with the National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Africa (Grant Number ISSC2015-150314115141). The transformations to Sustainability Programme represents a contribution to Future Earth. The National Research Foundation of South Africa supports the work of the SARChI Chair in Transformative Social Learning Systems and Green Skills Learning Pathways, which is hosting the implementation of this T-learning Transformative Knowledge Network and its research programme. The support and support in kind of partner organisations in the T-learning Knowledge Network is also acknowledged.