Project Description

The Netherlands team worked in partnership with Local Food The Hague hosting activities in support of innovations for sustainability. This initiative involves bringing together ‘do-ers and thinkers’ who are working with sustainability activities and concepts. The nexus issues are climate change and food, sustainable development, and organisational, socio-technical cultural transformations. We worked to identify opportunities for disruption and transformation to new cultures.

Transgressing to Learn

A ‘fair, local, sustainable and community-based food system’.
Establishing discontinuities (here breaking away from unsustainable food patterns, systems and economies) without being co-opted by forces that tend to bring things back to normal and business-as-usual.
Urban community in the Hague working with sustainability activities and concepts. 2500 community members and 200 purchase local veggies weekly.

Learn to Transgress

  • Fresh food market connecting citizens and local farmers
  • Community kitchen where connection is built through cooking and dining
  • Music and theatre oriented toward performance and social experiments
  • Community workshop on alternatives such as time banking
  • Insights into the role of conflict in social movement sustainability initiatives
  • Insights into slowing down in order to speed up in fair sustainable insights into the barriers that exist against the move towards meetings spaces and sustainable food systems