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Learning in a local food network

The Netherlands team is working in partnership with Local Food The Hague hosting activities in support of innovations for sustainability. This involves bringing together ‘do-ers and thinkers’ who are working with sustainability activities and concepts. The nexus issues are climate change and food, sustainable development, and organisational, socio-technical cultural transformations. Methods include community based workshops, community kitchens, sustainable network dinners, theatre and music. We will identify of opportunities for disruption and transformation to new cultures.

Team members

The research project will be located within the Education and Competence Studies group at Wageningen University, where a Chair in Transformative Social Learning has been in existence for some time.

Team leader: Cristina Temmink who engages with ‘Community building and Organisational Development and Learning’ at Local Food The  Hague

Academic support: Professor Arjen Wals is professor and UNESCO Chair in social learning and sustainable development at Wageningen University in The Netherlands; Adjunct Faculty member of Cornell’s Department of Natural Resources and a Visiting Professor at Gothenburg University in Sweden. A central question in his work is how to create conditions for new forms of learning that take full advantage of the diversity and creativity in society for a more sustainable world. He has authored 200 articles and chapters in books on community problem-solving, sustainability education, transdisciplinary research, social learning and system transformation. Popular books include: Social Learning towards a Sustainable World (2007) & Learning for Sustainability in Times of Accelerating Change (2012). He is co-editor of the AERA/Routledge International Handbook of Research on Environmental Education. He recently co-authored a paper in Science (2014) on linking environmental and science education and citizen science.

Associated researchers from Wageningen University’s Education and Competence Studies Group, and Philosophy Chair group:

Dr. Renate Wesselink is in the Education and Competence Study group at Wageningen University. She has expertise in the field of (human resource) development for sustainable development

Local transformative knowledge network partners

Wageningen University’s UNESCO Chair of Transformative Learning, Competence and Education Studies Group and Philosophy Chair Study group.

Local Food The Hague, a foundation that hosts community-based and community-initiated activities supporting innovations for sustainability in the context of local food systems.

Project updates

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