Video, Film and Television

TED TALK: Belay, M. 2018. Connecting the source with a new generation | Million Belay | TEDxEuston.

FILM featuring Million Belay and his participatory mapping T-learning methodology. ‘“Mapping Majang – cultivating a resilient food future for the people of the forest”

A documentary film produced by the Sida funded programme, Guidance for Resilience in the Anthropocene: Investments for Development (GRAID).

Video: Million Belay. 2019. Food In Africa. Action Research Transformations. Video published by Action Research Plus.

Video: Million Belay. 2019. Transformations methods: Million Belay on participatory mapping. ISSC video.

Video: Injairu Kulundu. 2018. The Living Aulas Research School: Injairu Kulundu

Video: Dylan McGarry. 2018. The Living Aulas Research School: Dr. Dylan McGarry.

Video: Kuany, K. 2018. The Living Aulas Research School: Kuany Kiir.

Video: Mpepho, G. 2018. The Living Aulas Research School: Gibson Mphepo

Video: James, A. 2018. The Living Aulas Research School: Anna James.

Video: 2018. LekkerNassuh & TimeBank

Video: 2018. Mmphanje. A local farming practice identified in the project sites. The video was uploaded on access agriculture portal 27/03/2018. By 30 April 2018 the viewership was 3475

Video-blog: 2018. LekkerNassuh for Russian audiences on YogaTV

National Television Broadcast: Decoloniality. Injairu Kulundu on SA TV

National Television Broadcast: Heila Lotz-Sisitka and Dylan McGarry – SABC Prime Time News @ the Seedbeds Conference, May 2018

Livestreaming from the Seedbeds Conference – Heila Lotz-Sisitka, Dylan McGarry, Kuda Mudokwane, Priya Vallabh, May 2018.

Mukute, M. (2018). T-learning in Zimbabwe Video Presentation.

McGarry, D. (2018). Understanding transformations: Dylan McGarry on transgressive learning.

McGarry, D. (2017). Testimony of Justice – Dylan McGarry

Video: Mapping for Change

Video: Transformations to Sustainability Programme

Video: CASA – Council of Sustainable Settlements of the Americas Columbia

Webinar: Meet the three ISSC Transformative Knowledge networks on webinar

Video: Climate Fluency Exchange

Mapping Majang – cultivating a resilient food future for the people of the forest, Ethiopia

Video: Seeds of Sovereignty

Radio and Podcasts

Radio broadcast: 2018. Dutch T-Learning Case LekkerNassuh receives green ribbon award from the city of The Hague for ‘outstanding contribution to local sustainability’ (in Dutch)

Thobejane, M. et al. 2018. Artisinal Chrome mining, blessing and a curse – a Podcast.

Wals, A. Interview with Seán Delaney: Sustainability and disruption in education. Inside Education on 103.2 Dublin City FM.

Van Borek, S., James, A. (2018) DayOne Water Podcast. Episode 1-4 covering various topics related to the experience of drought in Cape Town.

Wals, A. 2019. Interview with Will Brehm: Climate change, education and sustainable development. FreshEd. 144, podcast audio, January 14, 2019

Mobile Phone Applications

Food for Us Mobile Application: For reducing food surplus on farm, and facilitating market transformations and creating local green economies.

food for us mobile phone application transgressive learning

UNESCO MEdAL Mobile Application: For youth-led crowdsourcing and monitoring of local sustainable development actions, especially also educational quality dimensions for SDG 4.7.

Medal mobile phone applications transgressive learning

African Climate Bingo

Africa Climate Bingo: A bingo game developed to highlight climate change initiatives, innovations and resistance on the African Continent. (Further information TBC)


Empatheatre and Uncanny Justness Projects (Dylan McGarry)

2017-2018, The Last Country: The Last Country is an immersive 50-minute theatrical production adapted from the 30 oral histories of migrant women collected as part of the above research and advocacy project. The script sensitively adapts the stories of the women migrants hailing from DRC, Zimbabwe, Somalia and KwaZulu-Natal.

2018, The E-Waste Funeral: Is a social sculpture process that responds to the rise in e-waste globally, and its impact on Africa. The social sculpture worked with staff and students at Rhodes University to create an empathetic immersive experience into this phenomenon. Two successful funerals (at Rhodes during 2nd term, and during the National Arts Festival as part of the # exhibition ###). The funeral successfully contributed to implementing the new e-waste policy at Rhodes University.

2018, Uncanny Lore: In collaboration with Dr. Saskia Vermelyen from the University of Stratheclyde, we hosted a four day immersive uncanny justness process with human rights lawyers, anthropologists, indigenous South Africa, Namibian and Botswanan communities, and activists to explore transformative potential in decolonizing legal structures to better support land claim, earth jurisprudence and various forms of indigenous activism in South Africa.

2018, Rights for Outer Space: A social sculpture performance at the National Arts Festival, in collaboration with Dr. Saskia Vermelyen, Mika Shroder and Carla-Dee Sims. We launched a two year uncanny justness process developing a new manifesto for the rights of outer space funded by Leverhulme Trust Fellowship (2019-2021) Space Law and Utopian Literatures (£55K), PI awarded.