Academic papers

*** indicates that these are co-authored by authors across the case study sites (i.e. cross TKN publications) and
**** indicates that these are cross project co-authorships in the T2S network

Sustainability Journal

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Lindley, D. & Lotz-Sisitka, H. (2019). Expansive social learning, morphogenesis and reflexive action in an organisation responding to wetland degradation. Sustainability. Accepted for publication in Special Issue on Sustainability and Organisational Change (payment currently being finalized).

Environmental Education Research

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Southern African Journal of Environmental Education

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Sustainability: The Journal of Record

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The International Journal of New Media, Technology and the Arts.

Van Borek, S. & James, A. (2019). (Towards) Sound Research Practice: Podcast as Pedagogy Modelling Relationality and Reconciliation Sensibilities at the Water-Climate Change Nexus. The International Journal of New Media, Technology and the Arts.

Ecological Economics

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Journal of Rural Studies

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Action Research

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Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

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Mind, Culture and Activity

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Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning

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Climate and Development

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Local Environment

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Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology

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Canadian Journal of Environmental Education

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International Review of Education

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Non-peer reviewed journal articles

The Geographer: Transformation (Spring 2018)

McGarry, D., Belay Ali, M. 2018. Mapping for change in Ethiopia. The Geographer. Spring 2018. p.25.

The Geographer: Transformation (Spring 2018)

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The Oppidan Press - Edition 2 - March 2018

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water wheel

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Books/monographs (as authors or editors)

empatheatre and the big brotherhood

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Food for us reducing food waste, supporting social learning, creating value

Ward, M., Jenkin, N., Lotz-Sisitka, H.B., Tantsi, T., Durr, S. 2018. Food for Us Project Report. ISBN: 978-0-620-82216-9.

Chapters in books

empatheatre and the big brotherhood

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Ramaswamy, R., Kuany, S. 2019. Learning, Transformative and Transgressive formative Agency. In Co-creating Sustainability: Community Engaged Research on the Social Dynamics of Transformations.

Case study booklets by Changing Practice Olifants Graduates

1. Being a voice for the Brugspruit Wetland
By Collen Jolobe, Susan Moraba and Lorraine Kakhaza, Social and Environmental Justice in Action / Action Voices, Emalahleni. 2018.

2. Corporate compliance of the Twickenham Mine’s Social and Labour Plan
By Elton Thobejane and Provia Sekome, Come-Act, Burgersfort

3. A silent killer: The case of the Santa Village community living next to a mine dump
By Elvis Komane and Nthabiseng Mahlangu, CULISA, Emalahleni

4. A mountain of disposable nappies
By Kedibone Ntobeng, Tshepo Sibaya and Christina Mothupi, Itumeleng Youth Project, Steelpoort

5. If poverty is the big question, then farming is the great answer
By Caroline Rathokolo and Nelson Thaba, Khulumani, Tafelkop, Mpumalanga

6. Reclaiming our farming heritage: our right and indigenous heritage
By Thelma Nkosi and Bernard Ngomane, Mpumalanga Water Caucus, Nkomazi Municipality, Mpumalanga

7. The danger of living next to a mine operation
By Mmathapelo Thobejane, Eustine Matsepane and Tokelo Mahlakoane, Sekhukhune Environmental Justice Network (SEJN), Burgersfort