Project Description

Transgressing to Learn

Ecological farms and climate vulnerability within the Mekong Delta.

This involves finding emerging spaces for transformative learning, and engaging with people in a process of perspective transformation involving changes in understanding of the self, revisioning belief systems and changes in lifestyle.

Local Farmers in the case study region.
Centre for Research and Promotion of Education for Sustainable Development (CEREPROD)
Center for Eco-Community Development (ECODE)
Center for Environmental Research and Education (CERE)

Learn to Transgress

  • Multi-actor and multi-sector dialogues
  • Co-engagement around complex issues
  • Critical reflection and conscious action-taking for change

Reflection on the expanding T-learning processes confirmed the importance of the convergence of instrumental learning, communicative learning and emancipatory learning for T-learning praxis.

A model has been developed for T-learning for sustainability and climate change adaptation in the Mekong Delta, with the results being published in international journals (2 papers), 2 papers published in national conference proceedings, and 4 articles accepted for publication in national journals.

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