Project Description

Transgressing to Learn

What T-learning looks like in practice’, and how this can inform the debates about education, learning and capacity building in working towards Agenda 2030 through the SDGs, specifically SDG 4

Building a critical and transgressive view of what alternative living and alternative knowledge production looks like.

Lead researcher, coordinator and bioregional co-researchers from:

  • Bioregión Caribe
  • Bioregión Macizo Acogedor
  • Bioregión Macizo Acogedor
  • Bioregión Muisca-Bakatá
  • Bioregión Quimbaya
  • Bioregión Montañeros

Learn to Transgress

  • Extended inter-cultural events which are participatory and demonstrative of the lived experiences for co-creating the good life
  • Action research

Semi-virtual course which was co-produced with grassroots communities in rural Colombia, called Koro 2018: In Search of our Tourism of Origin.

Critical lessons of Transgressive and regenerative life-styles in times of climate change.

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