The network emerging out of the changing practice course has produced a newsletter sharing updates to honour the work that continues long after the course is over. The network has adopted the name Phetoho (meaning change in Sesotho, the south Sotho language of the Basotho people).

Read the newsletter here:

The Changing Practice course is a community-based action research project that is designed to support and empower ordinary community activists that are involved in environmental struggles. Fortunately, in 2017, about 7 environmental activists from the Sekhukhune, Burgersfort and Steelport area became part of the 18 participants of the Olifants Changing Practice course that ran from 2017 to late 2018. This opportunity afforded the activist a fresh energy to revive and pursue the engagement with Twickenham and Hackney mines as the perpetrators and with DWS and municipality as law enforcement agencies of the state.